Saturday, October 4, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus Review

Hey all!

As you all already know, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was officially launched not long ago. Usually like everyone else in order to own one, we got to wait until our telco announce the launch but thats not the case for me this time! :) I managed to get hold of the new iPhone 6 Plus Silver 128GB via Singapore.

I've used iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and now the iPhone 6 Plus. My first impression? It's Big. Bigger than I thought it would be but I love it! :)

Here's the reason why :

Design & Hardware
It's very slim, weight just 172 grams (No, I didn't try to bend the phone). It's nice to hold but still I prefer the body of iPhone 5 but again, not really a big issue for me. Even if its abit more thicker, I don't mind - That way the camera bulge at the back can be solved. The screen is 5.5" (1920 x 1080 Retina HD Display), freaking awesome to watch videos, play games and for someone who loves to take photos like me! You gonna go crazy! (In a good way ahha)

It has the same 8MP like iPhone 5S but with extra features such as image stabilization. The clarity of the photos taken with iPhone 6 Plus is the BEST I've seen so far compared to other smartphones (Nope, not being bias but thats the fact!) Check out some of the photos using this phone with no edits even under low lights! I've tried taking videos too, the quality is so good!

It comes with the latest iOS 8 (Which has quite number of bugs but seems alright after the iOS 8.02 updates) Switching between the apps is fast and doesn't lag. Since the screen is huge, the home screen works perfectly on landscape mode too.


Battery life has always been an issue for any smartphones but iPhone 6 Plus has great battery life.

100% - 9am

65% - 2pm (Facebooking, Instagramming, phone calls, Whatsapping etc)

40% - 7pm (Check emails, etc)

It lasts long with moderate usage and I only charge it back when I got home.


Probably the best smartphone with amazing performance, crystal clear display, amazing photo quality/ video. It's quite costly (depending on which spec you prefer). I recommend you to at least get the larger GB (if you're thinking of not changing the phone for at least 2 years). Don't get the 16GB, you gonna regret :)

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  1. Carrying a 5.5 inch Android at the moment in preparation for the upgrade. But what struck me thus far how thin the phone is. Will definitely go for the 128GB myself. And it would be in black, just like my previous iPhones.