Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adobe’s The New Dark Interface (Photoshop CS6) #CS6 #CS6rocks

Hi all,

I wanna share some cool stuff with you all! Its about the new Adobe CS6! OMFG! It's freaking cool!

Well, I'm one of the few chosen to review the new Adobe CS6. Here are some features I would like to share on the new Photoshop CS6!! :)

First of all, the splash message. It has the 'out of the box' element in it :)

Once Photoshop CS6 is loaded, you'll be amazed with the new dark interface. Unlike the previous versions, the adobe team made the whole workspace as well as the toolbar to darker theme <3

One of my favorite feature is the cropping tool. Do you know you can still keep the other unwanted area after cropping the particular photo??! YES! No joke! As a photographer, I find this very very useful. You don't have to keep on load the original photo and re-crop back :)

Tilt shift has been very popular on mobile phone's app! Well, now its available on Photoshop CS6 :). You just need to open up the photo and then go to Filter> Blur> Tilt Shift. Adjust the settings to get the right blurness and tada! You're done!

There is more features to share + I'm exploring the other adobe softwares too! Do stay tuned! :D


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Red Bean Bag, Publika & Paradigm Mall

Hi all,

Yesterday, siao gang were at The Red Bean Bag, Publika for breakfast! :D I had Eggs Atlantic & Latte! Not bad but I still prefer ABC, The Troika!

Right after that, we went to Paradigm Mall (The Magic Mall lol). It's just a normal mall. We still prefer Pavilion hehe.

Some shots to share :)