Friday, June 30, 2006

Beauty Of Clouds

Clouds.. clouds..clouds.. I just love it! Dont know why. It makes me happy haha. Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll just go outside of the house and look at those clouds, moving smoothly.. wahhhh very nice feeling *no, I'm not weird lol* Oh! and you can even see it forms to something! Hmmmmm.. like animals.. rabbits, dragons etc! :P. Anyways, these photos I took on the way back from Kajang to Cheras. My dad was driving my car. I was sitting infront. Mum, sis and bro at the back. I got so excited looking at the clouds and just snap! snap! and snap! while the car is still moving lol.

Hope it's something new for you guys hehe.. Oh btw, which cloud you guys like the most?! :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lunch @ Venezia Italian Restaurant

Last week Friday, me, naomi, aprilcherrie, ivy, castell, smashpOp, shirley and Kim @ Redrabit went to Cheras, a place called Venezia Italian Restaurant. Nice environment with deem lights and semi-classic furniture. Kim @ Redrabit recommeded this place. Foods was good too. Other than that nothing much to say lol. Last but not least.. hope you guys will enjoy the pictures ;)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lunch @ Chicken Rice Shop

Ok!! Continue my story lol. After watch the movie we head to Chicken Rice Shop!(4th floor of Times Square) Foods damn nice ok! Should go and try with your family and friends. Price was reasonable, but it was free lunch that day hahaha *Thanks to Jack!* It was nice meeting Shaz, Jack and the blue shirt guy lol *i still dont know his name* for a very first time. Funny guys I tell you. Everyone got their own plan after that. smashpOp to gym, Shaz and Jack.. not that sure, that blue shirt guy went back with me. Talk talk talk....all the way. We havent done, have to continue some other day lol. Once dropped him, I went back. Damn tired. Took bath, eat and ZZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz.... :P

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Special Preview : High School Musical

Yo! Last Saturday, I went for a special preview of High School Musical at Times Square :). Reached there around 10.00am then head to Level 1. I saw AprilCherrie lol busy with the admin stuff. Others turn up that day was smashpOp, albert & coffee81. Movies was cool. Great songs (around 10 of it I guess). Once the movie end, there was a game and contest based on the movie. After that I met Coffee hehe, chit-chat for a while. I suppose to go back after that but smashpOp called me if I can have a quick lunch. I was hungry too that time lol, so we met Chicken Rice Shop at Times Square (My next post is on this!) On the way up, saw F1 Car lol.. so I quickly take picture. At Chicken Rice Shop, I met bloggers from xfresh - Shaz, Jack, and .... (I forgot his name :( ) lol. Foods was really nice. Jack and Shaz introduce new dishes. Taste really great. You guys should go there! Recommended!A++

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lunch @ Curry Noodle House

Few days back, we met Kim, his wife and his cute baby for lunch :). It was at Curry Noodle house near Sri Petaling. Most famous food here is Lala Fried Mee Hoon. Each of us ordered separately. I ordered seafood tomyam. It's not that spicy but the taste! *ohh la la lol* We had great time spending sometime with Kim and his lovely family.

Okies, some of the moments :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum!

Yes! It was my mum's 51st birthday, 2 days back! (22nd June). Same goes for my aunty.. yup she and my mum is twins lol. I was a bit busy for the past few weeks. Not sure what to get for her coz for mothers day, I've bought her saree :). She really likes it. So I quickly went to Mid Valley that day. Heads to to purchase a bouquet of flowers :). They have some samples over there for you guys to choose. I saw one, nicely wrap, I ask if I can get it fast! coz my family members at home waiting for me lol to have dinner :P. She said, can skip the previous client hehe, but takes like 20 minutes. I said, that's fine. So I walk here and there, went to Carrefour get something. After that I went back there to get the flowers. Nicely done! I get the flowers and went back home. Once reach there, I surprised her with the flowers, she is touched. I kissed and gave it to her, she so shy and just smiled haha..

Okies, here's the pictures guys!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Do you workout?

So guys! Do you workout? :). Well I do hehe :P. I've joined California Fitness 2 months back at Mid Valley. Quite packed at night :P compared to Fitness First KLCC. If you wanna use the machines, you gotta wait for a while. Usually I'll book for RPM (Cycling Class) a day before I go there. For body pump (weight lifting) you dont have to book but have to be there sharp, coz alot of people wait outside the room :P. So far, I'm happy with the services over there, near to my working place somemore :P.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cars The Movie @ KLCC

Ok, continuous from yesterday's post! :). So yea! Movie was great! Went back home around 10.30pm (the show was at 8.15pm). Oh and and :( when my brother wanna take my pic beside the Cars poster, my phone dropped akhhhhh. But thank god, nothing happen to it. Still in good condition haha, Nokia rocks! :P

Alright, picture time :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just Me and Around Me

*Akhhhhhhhhhhh so tired* Ok, back to the topic haha. I went to watch "Cars" yesterday at KLCC with my brother! It was awesome! The characters, colors, lighting, onjects! Everything is so cool! I highly recommend you guys to watch it! :). Bring your kids *if you have any lah lol* I'm sure they will enjoy themselve! I took some pictures, but dont have much time to edit and post it up today. I only manage to edit one, better to have something then nothing right hhaha :P. My brother was playing with my phone while waiting for the show and he took this :P. I was like "errrr.. not bad" haha.. Anyways, will post the pictures tomorrow after I edit it all tonight ;)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Workstation

Weeeeee!! Ok enough of lunch post. Now I wanna post something else lol. Erm, I want to show off my workstation! LOL! No lar, not show off, just wanna show u how's my environment look like :P.

Some of you might find objects around my desk abit weird lol. Ok here are some of the snaps which I took yesterday :P. Oh, I've also done some numbering for your reference :). Now, time for a lil tour :).

1. My toys :P, total of 34 lol. U name it, dragonball, spiderman, koala bear, monster inc, the wild, everything is there hahaha :P
2. Not enough space on my monitor so gotta put it there.
3. Free movie ticket passes. Once done watch those movies, I kept it there :P
4. My Philips earphone.
5. Konsert Merdeka KLCC 2004 pass. Our team did a webcast that night, to enable dialup/broadband users watch the concert online from anywhere in the world.
6. NEC 19" MultiSync Monitor. I like!.

7. Gratis bag. Bought it online from ebay through paypal. How I got the money? Let you guys know soon :P
8. My wallet, which I got from lucky draw few months back!
9. Crystal stone with clock in it, gift from my brother :)
10. Sweetssssss Corner... Yes! Varities of sweets available here. Whoever pass by my place, always drop by to take some hehe.
11. My chair *if you see properly, can see my hand too :P*

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lunch @ Little Italy

Heya all! Yup, again about lunch post lol. Last Friday, we went to Little Italy, Puchong. Joining with me was, Nao, Calvin, smashpOp, Kim and Shirley. Food was ok over there. I had Pineapple Pizaa, Mushroom Soup and Strawberry juice. Environment was cool. Not many customers that day, donno y :P.

Alright! Here's the pictures :P