Thursday, July 30, 2009

PJ Challenge '09 Bloggers 'K'arnival

Last month, I was invited to attend PJ Challenge'09 Bloggers Karnival as a speaker together with other bloggers. They are Kenny Sia, Amanda Choe, Niki Cheong, Jason Goh, Josh Lim, MissyCherrio & Soon Wei. Myself and Jason shared the same session. Basically we talked about what we're blogging, how can we be different than the other bloggers, tips and tricks when you blog etc. It was a great experience. Thanks Josh Lim for inviting us all! I got only few photos with me. A lot more photos taken by the bloggers who came that day. I've them on my facebook, will post more tomorrow ya! :)

Day 206 of my 365 project - Are you hungry? lol.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Faces @ Urbanattic

After camwhoring, I met some familiar faces! People that I know from events that I've attended except for Harvin and Shafina. After the event, myself and Jenifer drove to Oldtown for yumcha with Junn and Hikaru.

That's all! New post tomorrow! :)

Day 205 of my 365 project - Neon kind of lights at Urbanattic!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UrbanScapes Preview @ Urbanattic

Around mid last month (1 week before UrbanScapes), myself and jennifer went to Urbanattic @ CapSquare to attend the UrbanSpaces Preview. Thanks Wilson for inviting us both. Actually there was nothing much to see, so we walked around camwhoring and met few people. Who we met? Check out tomorrow ya! :)

Day 204 of my 365 project - Random shot around Damai Beach Resort, Kuching!

Exclusive Preview of Envy Club

Woot! Hello to all,

How's your Monday? Hope good. Mine was great. Thanks a lot to Leonard Chua Teck Aun for inviting me to Exclusive preview and a media tour of Envy Club for BLOGGERS! Love the place! Very well designed interiors. What's unique about this place is that it has GLASS BRIDGE lol. So you girls better be careful when you all walk up there ok ahhaa. Met a lots of new faces this time! Great knowing all of you :D. Hope to see you all again soon. Now some shots to share! More detailed post in few weeks to come!

Envy Club's Address:
K-0G-09, 10 & 11, Soho KL, Solaris Mont‘ Kiara, No 2 Jalan Solaris
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Life. Live It.

I was browsing through my old vector files and found this (done using Flash MX) thought of sharing with you all. I've edited abit using Photoshop before posting it up. You can find the original work of this artwork here. I came up with this concept 5 years ago, and submitted it to DA (DeviantArt) :)

PS: Try looking at this artwork while listening to Black Eyed Peas' - I Gotta Feeling!

Men's Health Run

I'M SUPER DUPER TIRED!!!!!!!!! WHY???????

Coz I just came back home from Putrajaya. Few of us went there to participate in Men's Health Run! My one kind of last minute, so can only took part in the fun run, which is 5km. My target was to complete the run in 30 min! and and I did it! muahahhaha! *i can't feel my leg d lol*. Meaning 10 km will roughly took me around 1 hour? hmmmmm. Let's see if I can do that in the next run! Which is just next week lol!!

Ok lar, time to go to bed. Tomorrow gotta go gym lol! Nites everyone.

ps: Thanks Jason for the photo. Taken using his N97.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodbye Port Dickson!

At last, we've came to the finale post of my PD trip! lol! Here are more photos taken at Ostrich Farm. Not sure if you all know this or not, but I DAMN like RABBITS! I got a rabbit and 4 hamsters! lololol! Ok, hope you all enjoyed viewing the photos.

Fresh new post tomorrow onwards! :)

Day 200 of my 365 project - One more sunset shot!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ostrich Farm

Around noon, we check out from there and went to Ostrich Farm. Here you can see other animals too besides ostrich lol. Upon entering the place, Mr. Emo Goat welcomed us ahah. Hmmm....I think we spent almost 1-2 hours there before going back to Kuala Lumpur!

Finale post tomorrow! Woot!

Day 199 of my 365 project - Took this shot on the way back to Kuala Lumpur from Kuching! Damn nice sky with blue seeeeaaaaa!!!aaargghhhh!

Beach Walk

Before going back to our rented house, we manage to pose like God :D. Early in the morning myself, Ammu and Anitha went back to the beach to take some shots around there. Here are some of it to share with you all! :)

Day 198 of my 365 project - Took this on the way back home from the Lumix Marine Case launch few weeks ago while waiting for the traffic light to turn to green lol.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Sunset Photos & Shaadi Print Ads

Here are more sunset photos from Port Dickson! Couldn't stop taking photos coz it's just DAMN NICE LOL!

More PD photos tommorrow!

Day 197 of my 365 project - 2 of my print ads work published in the Shaadi Mag Vol.5! Do check it out ya! :)