Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bullied by Ji Muis!

Part 2 of Jed and Jacklyn's Wedding.

So, once we arrived at Munyee's house.. all the girls or who we called "ji muis" waiting to bully us ahhaa. As soon as I by pass the gate.. what happened?

Jen shouted "Ramesssss!!!, Ramesssssss faster come, we got something for you!"
Me "Oh my godddddddd!!!" *looking at the table!*
Me again "Why me geh?"
Jen "Donoo, dont care come!"

That's it lar people! Kena force drink milk using the baby bottle! Do you all know that I'm sensitive to MILK! YES! I cannot drink coz I'm allergic to MILK, but what to do! For Jed! I have to drink lol! *cry*

After that, few of the Heng Dais gotta find a partner, so I choose Jason *not knowing what game this time*. Then Jen, told us that one of us must use our mouth, I repeat MOUTH ONLY to transfer egg from left leg to right leg (inside the PANTS LMAO!). Me and Jason Goh played the water, bird, fire, stone game first to see who do what LOL! . I won, so I have to transfer the egg!

Next is to shave our leg! Since I got a lots of HAIR lol, I go first with Jed! Aargghhhhh lol!! Then followed by the rest of the heng dais.

Done with that, the next game is to eat Banana! So easy? No, with Wasabi on it lol. CRY again! ahhaa.

Last but not least, final game is to eat boiled egg. The easiest game but still, DAMN A LOT OF EGG! Ahahah! I think I ate like 3-4 eggs lol.

Finally after arguing with those aunties at the gate, me manage to got into the house! What's next? Come back tomorrow! :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Heng Dais!

A month ago, one of our SIAO couple got married - Jed and Jacklyn. They asked me if I can be one of the heng dais! Of coz I want lol! Never in my life got the chance to do this (not even Indian wedding hahaa) All the Heng Dai's gathered at Jed's house before going off to Munyee's house for the tea ceremony! More photos tomorrow ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rames as Iron Man - Part 2 + Add Watermark Tuts

New tutorials is now up LIVE at Adobe Tutorials blog. Learn how to add watermarks to your photos!

Presenting me as Iron Man Part 2. My first photoshop artwork taken using Nikon D90! woot! Damn, wish I can really fly like this hehe!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zoom! + Iron Man 2

Hi all,

How's your day? :D.

Today before I go out from home, manage to do some zoom and focus test using my D90. Here's the sample video using VR kitlens 18-105mm and a view shot using 1020mm.

Nikon D90 Zooming Test from Rames Studios on Vimeo.

Oh yea! If you some of you still remembered, I got post one of my IronMan photoshop artwork few months back! Well, guess what there is part 2 of it! ahahha! Will show you guys tomorrow. Come back and check it out ya hehe.

Friday, December 26, 2008

AdobeCS4 Launch | 365 Project

A month ago, I attended the Adobe CS4 launch at Shangri-La Hotel. Met some bloggers and new friends from lowyat forum :). There were 4 Evangelist, who did great job showing us some of the best features from some of the software's. My favorite's are Flash and Photoshop of course! Oh and Jason Goh won the Adobe CS4 Master Collection!

From 1st January 2009 till 31st December 2009, I'll be working on the 365 Project. What is about? Well, basically I will post 1 photo each day for 365 days on my flickr. Do check it out ya. I'll post the link soon on 1st January.

Secret Santa

Just came back home from Pavilion. Me and my gang were at Michelangelo to celebrate Christmas : Secret Santa. Dress code for this year is Red and Green. Almost all wore red ahaha, except Junn, Eunice and Me ahaha. Junn was my secret santa lol! More photos after my pending posts! (as usual lar kan ahaha)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Enjoy the video below! YOU MUST WATCH IT OK! CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON and WATCH IT! ahahha!

Enjoy your holiday! Have fun! Go crazy! Drive Safely! Whatever lar! Have a blast!

I'm on holiday from 26th December 2008 till 5th January 2009! Woot!

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The Spirit : Movie Screening

Just came back home from Sunway after watching "The Spirit" Movie by Advertlets. This time I'm not gonna rate but want you guys to rate it for me instead! Can? :D. I'm not gonna mention anything about the movie till u guys watch it! Okay?

2 photos taken just now. More photos after allllllllllll my pending posts ahha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Mood!

Just came back home from Codo, Mid Valley. I was there together with some of my colleagues for Peifen's Farewell. More photos and details soon! Oh! on the way down, 4 of us went crazy and jumped on the stage to take photo ahahha. Wide Lens ROXXXXXXXX!!!!!

Here are more photos from Eri Peng's house warming party :D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello! I'm back from Penang!

Hi to all,

I just came back from Penang! Wohooooo!! Seriously one of favorite state! Havent been there for 18 years lol. There were 11 of us (Selan, Mahendran, Amutha, Anitha, Saravanan, Navin, Puvanan, Mala, Raaja & Kavilan) started our journey from KL (We took the KTM train) on 19th, 10pm and reached Penang around 550 am. Die can ahhaa!

This is my 1st photoshoot using D90 + my 1020mm. We started the photoshoot from one street to another.! More details and photos after my pending posts ya! :D

PS: FYI, none of these photos have been edited.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Penang Here I Come! + The Spirit Movie Screening!

New Tutorial is now up LIVE! Learn on how to touch up old photos with just few steps!

I'll be away to Penang tomorrow night till Sunday evening! Hope can take some nice shots while I'm there :) Anyone wanna meet up?

Advertlets gonna do "The Spirit" Movie Screening on 23/12 at Sunway Pyramid @ 8pm. Do you wanna watch it for FREE? Well you can! Simply write a blog post on what is your favorite The Spirit character, and send your blog post url to with the subject “The Spirit with Advertlets”. The first 50 contestants wins a pair of The Spirit movie tickets (that’s two tickets in total), and the top 3 most creative answers will win a The Spirit goodie bag. For more details, click here! Myself and the usuals are going! Hope to see you there as well!

Few weeks ago myself and the usual's got invited by Eri Peng to her house warming party. We enjoyed the meal and took some photos before we leave! More photos after I'm back from Penang!

PS: You all know who's who already right? Ahaha! I save my time from typing their names lol.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My 2nd Christmas Gift!

For Adobe Readers, so sorry! Suppose to update my Adobe Tuts blog today, but due to time constraints, it can only be up tomorrow. What tutorial this time? Check back tomorrow :)

Ok, here's my 2nd Christmas Gift! One of my dream lens! - Sigma 10-20mm. Damn love ittttttt!! Here are some photos taken an hour ago at KLCC. I was there with some blogger friends.

PS: FYI, no photo edits here, just resize :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos and Video from D90

2 photos of me unboxing D90 ahha (Thanks Albert for taking these photos!)

Some of you asked me to post sample shots and video produced by D90. Well, I got few!

Photos from Bum Bum Bali (went there for my colleagues farewell) and KL view from my apartment taken 2 hours ago (Click on the KL view photo for larger size)

Sample video to show you guys the DOF (Depth of field) effect using 50mm f1.8D. (Ignore the brightness + scan lines ahaha, I'm still new ma lol)