Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Starbucks Cappuccino

I'M ALIVE!!!!! ahahah!! Wahh its been 2 days, no updates! OMFG! Sorry guys, I was really! really busy!! Got few projects to work on. Gotta settle them all hehe! Now back to blogging!

Okies, last Sunday, as some of you guys know, it was Malaysian International Fashion Week 2006 at KLCC. So myself, Jen & Munyee was there to witness the latest, happening fashion designs lol. Munyee was at Starbucks, having her breakfast. I said "hello" to her went in and get myself hot Cappuccino lol. Jen drank something *OMG, I cannot remember what ahah! OPSS lol!*

Here are some of the pictures taken that lovely morning hu hu!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Astro's Deepam Nite 2006

A week ago, I was invited to attend Deepam Nite (Deepavali Nite) at Holiday Villa Subang by the Indian Community Members of Astro. Alot of astro staff turn up that day. Some of them were THR.FM Dj's, Astro Vaanavil Hosts and other local singers. Foods and drinks was damn delicious, varities of it. At the end, we end up dancing till 2am lol! AHahah! Never in my life danced in a public before lol! This is my very first + I got alot compliments ahhaha! Phewwit! lol. Here are some of the shots taken that nite! :P

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Free Zone Lunch

1 week ago, Friday, for lunch, myself, Cherrie, Shirley, Nao, Yow and CK went to FreeZone restaurant for lunch. It's located at Kuchai Lama, not that far from Astro. Nice environment, good services and foods was good too. Here are some of the shots taken during our lunch :)

Btw, tomorrow, I'm attending the M-IFW at KLCC! See you there, if anyone you guys going! hehe! :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

More from KL Fashion Week 2006

Okies, since some of you guys requested me to post more from the KL Fashion Week event.. I've decided to add in some more pictures :). Here are some of the different outfits presented that day :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HK Food & Tea Restaurant

Me and Shirley had lunch at HK Food & Tea Restaurant in between the break session during the fashion show :). Wah, quite crowded there! Maybe coz of the foods, damn yummy! Really recommended! My lunch was Udon Noodle! Weeeeee like Hokkien Mee, but abit sour! Shirley ordered Rice and Chicken (Not really sure of the real meal name ahah) Once done with lunch we get back for the next session :).

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

KL Fashion Week 2006

2-3 Weeks back, myself and Shirley Ham, attend the KL Fashion Week 2006. I was there to help her take some shots for her design portfolio. We registered ourself at the registration booth and walk in. We got superb seat for the first session! hehe! then later for the second session, near the photographers section. Below are some of the shots taken during the fashion show :).

This Sunday, I might attend another fashion show at KLCC (KL Convention Centre) which is bigger event than the KL Fashion Week 2006! :).. any of you guys going too? :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

TMO of 2 Guys 2 Girls Photoshoot & Ivan's Birthday Party

Woahhhhhh at last! Streamyx look ok tonight lol! Hope this continues hehe!

Btw, it's the end of the Photoshoot post for the 2 Guys 2 Girls. Hope you all njoyed it, just like I do ahah! Now presenting the making of the photoshoot and together with Ivan's Birthday Party event post! :)

2 Guys 2 Girls Photoshoot Part 3

LOL!!! At last can update ready! Sorry for the delay hehe!!

Here's the last episode for the photoshoot lol!


Coming up next!

Friday, November 17, 2006

2 Guys 2 Girls | Part 2

OMFG!~! Guys! Streamyx is killing me damn it! I tried to connect to the internet for 8 hours last night!! But the is no connection!!! WHY?!!! #$%#$%#$%!~!!~!

Anyways, let me cool down :P. So how's the Part 1 photoshoot pictures? You guys liked it? ahah! :P Damn poser right! I know lol!! Here's the Part II! With the help of Photoshop CS2 again, I did something different this time. Combination of casual poses and mixture of vector lines going across here and there :P! Tadaaaaaaaaa!!!

PS: There wont be any update tonight :P, coz Im going for Deepam Nite done by Astro. Only tomorrow you guys can see the Part III :)