Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let's learn vector!

Okies, I always wanted to share on how to vector :). I've been vectoring for 2-3 years now! hehe.. can consider one of my hobby! lol!

I spent 3-4 hours (on average) per vector. It really test your patience!! Just imagine, sit at one place and manually trace outlines of an object! ahha :)

Anyways, let me get back to the story.. here are some of the simple steps on how to vector (who ever asked me about this before.. here you go! :))

First of all, get the right software to do this :). I recommend Flash MX (Coz I just love this freaking, awesome, brilliant, all in 1 superb software lolol, or! Illustrator)

Secondly, make sure the photo that you want to trace is really high resolution. The more detail it is, the better :). Once you got that, place it onto layer 1.
TIPS : Open photoshop>Image>Adjustments>Posterize to spot the lines on the object.

Make another layer (if you want more details, you need more layers) on top of the real photo and Slowly trace using pencil tool. Start from eyes :), coz thats the most difficult part if not your vector wont look the same as the real photo :P.

Try to add in more tones to the surface, so that it'll look more detailed and smooth :). As you can see, I've added alot of shades around her eyes and hair... :)
TIPS : Use brush with gradient color to get better effect!

Last but not least, add in more props and tones around the object/person so that it'll look more ........ u know "realistic"

There you go!! Hope you guys get it! :P if not , can always ask me back, I'll try to help you out!

The Final Vector

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