Tuesday, April 3, 2007

10 things I like!

Ah jen tag me! so here you go.. 10 things I like! lol!

1. I LIKE looking at the clouds!

2. I LIKE to laugh alot + making other's laugh too with my silly jokes lololol!

3. I LIKE to take pictures of myself alot hahahaha!! *I KNOW U GUYS AGREE WITH ME ON THIS! AHAH!*

4. I LIKE going out on weekends to release tension!!!

5. I LIKE to sing whenever I take a shower *i got nice voice ok :P*

6. I LIKE my rabbitss!!!!!!!!!

7. I LIKE petrol smell! *I know not good, but dont care! I like!! :P*

8. I LIKE to buy shirts that has similar logo like mine lololol!

9. I LIKE to drive fast~!!! *ask Jen! she freaked out few times lol*

10. I LIKE my job! :-)

PS: Thanks alot for the comments on my shirt designs! Will try to find out ways to print some of it! Will update you guys on this soon! :)


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