Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spice Of India

I was out to KLCC yesterday to meet one of my very good friend, Thineswari. She's a graphic designer working for one of the international private company. It was lunch time, so we was looking for a nice place to eat and we came across "Spice Of India". It's on the top floor, right at the corner. Nice environment with 4 major colors around us (White, Light Yellow, Red and Brown). Now, talk about foods! It's damnnnnn good!! Especially the Prawn Rice that we ordered (Rice on top and prawn in it!)+ 2 soup (Crab rasam and Creamy soup). Price is ok (Our overall meals cost around RM80.00). So! if you wanna try something spicy!! You know where to go! :)

PS: Thines's sister Kavitha was there too with her friend, we cam-whore before head back home ahhaha.

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