Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am Rojak event + Myself & Jen went crazy @ Rooftop!

Hi all,

Last night I was at Rooftop for the "I am Rojak" event with few more bloggers. Rojak Song is a YTL Community nation-building initiative, a Malaysian Love Song that celebrates Malaysia’s diversity. It is an online, e-greeting platform campaign that aims to bring together Malaysians from different races, cultures and beliefs to be seamlessly integrated as a society and move towards multi-cultural acceptance. Featuring distinctively Malaysian characters, sights and sounds, the YTL Community portrays Malaysian diversity using quirky and endearing caricatures, which can be put together in a song to be shared with friends and family.

In view of the positive responses in the initial stage of the campaign, YTL Community took the next step to reward the top Rojak Song senders with five (5) Google Nexus One Smartphones in the first phase of the campaign which ended on April 30 2010. Due to the overwhelming response, YTL Community extended the campaign with a second phase which offers three (3) Sony Vaio Y Series Subnotebooks as prizes. This contest will end on 31 May 2010. The campaign was also brought to life with an on-ground event at Lot 10.

To-date, Rojak Song has brought together more than 630,000 Malaysians through the power of the Internet and digital marketing. The success of this campaign will become a testament of YTL’s venture into the world of communications with the power of 4G technology, which aims to connect more Malaysians nationwide with affordable world-class products and services which will improve the way Malaysians live, work and play.

Find more details about Rojak Song here :

Woot, now let's see some faces! 12 photos LMAO! :D


  1. I super like the last few pics of you and Jen.. so nice.. <3 the mirrors :)

    Bring me go there can? :D

  2. great style, Rames ;).
    love the pix.
    thanks for posting!