Friday, September 24, 2010

iPhone 4 launch event by Maxis

Hi all,

Just got back home from The Gardens Ballroom. As you all already know, iPhone4 is now available for purchase! Thanks to Maxis. Oh, Oh...Guess what! I'm actually one of the 60 people who've actually got in and register the iPhone 4 (My no.29) Woot!! Still cannot believe that I ACTUALLY OWN THE DAMN AWEEESOMEEEEE PHONE(Been DREAMING about it for so long ahahha). I wanna talk more, but can't cos EXTREMELY TIRED. Imagine I was there at the Gardens from 1pm till 1.30AM! :P

Detail post will be up tomorrow, do check it out!

For now 2 photos :D


  1. Im sad seeing this~ Maxis last min say I cannot transfer my booking for my girlfriend~

  2. Lama I tak Visit~ dropping by to Say Hi hehehehe :D