Monday, February 14, 2011

Preview Shots : 12 Hand-Picked shots from my Trip to Lake Kenyir

Hi all,

It's been a great outings with Kok Way and Joot Lo to Lake Kenyir. We had a lots of fun there - Fishing, swimming, playing cards *lol*, getting to know new friends, taking photos etc etc. 2 guys + 1 girl, 9th February - 12th February, 7 hrs drive to Lake Kenyir = AWESOME DAYS.

Here are some preview shots to share with you all. More after pending post!


  1. stunning pictures as always..ur circle of friends are lucky to have a good photographer/designer around them.. ^_^

  2. Justin>> Can! :D
    pilothans>> Thank you, appreciate that :D

  3. Rames,

    The fishing photo from the vantage above the subject was top notch! Nice one!