Sunday, September 18, 2011

Preview Shots : This Is Ipoh!

Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing good. Sorry for not updating my blog for almost a week! I've been slightly busy with some projects @ work :). Anyways, here are some preview shots from Ipoh. I was there with SiaoGang since yesterday morning and just got back home today around 6pm. Had a blast there! Thanks Jen for bringing us around Ipoh! Love the food and the weather there :D. We went alottttsss of places ahaha + taking photos everything we see hehe.

More photos after pending posts :)










1 comment:

  1. Oh ya.. Jen from Ipoh hor..

    and is Ipoh that nice or your pics that make Ipoh so nice? :D I think both :D

    Don't be so busy.. Update blog.. I'm coming back to read already :D