Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Manipulation » Me as "BodhiDharma" Monk w/ Before & After Viewer

Hi all,

After longggggggggg time, finally I'm back with my latest photo manipulation - 'BodhiDharma'.

Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th/6th century AD and is traditionally credited as the leading patriarch and transmitter of Zen (Chinese: Chán, Sanskrit: Dhyāna) to China. According to Chinese legend, he also began the physical training of the Shaolin monks that led to the creation of Shaolinquan. Bodhidharma was born a prince in the Pallava dynasty in southern India, around the year 440 AD [10]. As a youth he converted to Buddhism and became a monk, to study under his guru Prajnatara. It was Prajnatara who instructed Bodhidharma to go to China and spread the Buddhist Dharma, and so Bodhidharma arrived approximately around 475 AD, probably to Nanhai near Guangzhou in China.

More detail information about him here.

I spent almost 5-6 hours to complete this artwork. 5 stock photos and couple of Photoshop brushes & actions. Do check out the before and after viewer right below the artwork.


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