Sunday, December 11, 2011

Magazine style review » My new Nikon J1! #nikonJ1

Hi all,

Here's my review on Nikon J1, my new toy.

I've played with it. Love it. And I bought it :)

Many of you may ask, why did I get J1? Easy. I need a camera whenever I hangout with friends + attending occasions (that has better feature compared to compact camera + has dSLR features). Right now, I'm using iPhone 4 to take some of the shots and of cos it has it's cons + I don't have to carry D90 if I go wedding, dinner, yumcha which doesn't require any serious photography + it's within my budget too hehe.
D90 is mainly for photo shoot.

Alright, let's take a look at sample of photos taken with J1. There is a video recorded slow motion @ 400fps below! Check it out

J1 also has auto-focus feature when recording video, will post 1080p HD video + more photos on upcoming post.

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  1. Hi there rames,
    I read about ur post on the j1. Is thinking
    Of buying one. Is it as good as a DSLR camera?
    Is it nearly the same as the Canon powershot s95?
    Appreciate on ur feedback. Thanku