Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Haircut at Restyle+ by A Cut Above

A week ago, I went to Restyle+ (Located at NU Sentral, beside KL Sentral) for a haircut. Why that saloon? Just to try out their organic products since I've been hearing my friends were talking about it and the outcome after using those products was impressive. Leroy Thong was my hairstylist that day. Pretty cool dude! We talked about many stuff and how he admires my hair (He's attracted to the texture of my hair, ahah!).

While chit-chatting, he cuts my hair and ready to color it (I have abit of white hair near to the neck :P). Now, this is the best part. Everytime I color my hair, I kinda hate the smell and the pain that I need to go through when stylist applies the hair dye BUT not this time. I was quite surprise that there is no whatsoever feel to the skin surface of my hair. Leroy did asked me if I felt uncomfortable. No, nothing at all. This is because of the aveda organic product they are using (See below for the shampoo photos).

Even the waiting period while the dye dries off was pretty quick. Right after the hair wash, the hairstylist pour abit of oil into my palm and asked me to rub my hands and smell it. Wow, it was something! I felt so relaxed and 'awake'. How does this bottle looks like? (See below for the purplish color bottle :))

Overall, I'm super satisfied and definitely going back there again :) Last but not least, check out my before/after haircut ahhaha :P


What is Restyle+

Restyle+ is about providing an organic solution to a healthy scalp and hair, while still being able to stay true to its original goal; to cultivate the look you want, the appearance you aspire to portray.

Restyle+ combines exciting range of services to bring out the edgy youth in you and uses cutting-edge performance-driven, plant-based skin, body and hair care products with the art of the high-touch experience, to offer a comprehensive menu of treatments for head-to-toe beauty to ensure a healthier you, a better world for everyone.

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