Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dragon! (My submission entry for Revive Rev-Cup Battle of The States!)

Hello everyone!!

Check out my photo submission for the "BIG SMALL" REVIVE Rev Up contest! I called "The Dragon"! As you can see the huge clouds transformation was so dramatic as if like a fire comes out from the dragon's mouth (in this case, my hand acts as the head hehe). Snapped this right in front of my house :)

Trying my luck to win the RM1000! You too can participate and win this amount of money WEEKLY! + You also got the chance to win RM5000 as the Grand Prize after 6 weeks too! :D For more details, check out (

So what are you waiting for? If you have whatever it takes, do submit your photo/video entries to the Rev-Cup: Battle Of The States Facebook application here. (

Ok now go take some cool "BIG SMALL" photos and start submitting it! Woot!

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