Monday, March 17, 2008

Mr. Romantic

Back to my Redang Post! hehee.

This is the final game of the team building. It's called "On Demand". Meaning if you dont ask, you dont get a thing.

The task is to appoint 1 guy in each of group.... he then suppose to act like his boss (His boss is a busy guy 24/7 lar, no time to get a gf, but found one girl that he like during some event... unfortunetly cannot go see her because have to attend a very important meeting in overseas. So me as the staff need to pretend like boss and ask her if she can marry me LOL). The other members of the group have to contribute to the task too. They will be receiving sms every 5 min. The messages will contain some info on :-

1) What should I say or behave like in order to make her fall in love with me lol.
2) Props that she like (foods, flowers, wine)
3) She like beard guy + one big mold on the left cheek lol

All that and more ahhaha! So imagine!! We have to rush here and there to collect those things from the resort place within given time (30 min), from the sea if can find any sea shells to decorate the dinner table!! OMGGGGGGGG ahhahahah!! But at last everyone manage to get this done!

Me as the guy in my group, have to wear nice nice :P, draw the mold using crayon ahahahha! At last, I won this final round, defeating the other 3 guys hahahahahha!

Enjoy the pics LOL! (Pics from Crystal coz I left my D50 inside my room :p)

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