Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dinner at Pizza Hut

Ok first of all, yesterday's answer lol!

- nike logo from red guy's right sock.
- adidas logo from blue guy's left sock.
- adidas logo from far left guy's shorts.
- patch from far right red guy's right sleeve.
- earring from red guy's left ear.

Most of you guys got it right! lololo! Next time, I lil harder! ahha :)

A month ago, I went out dinner with Parimala at Pizza Hut, IOI Mall. We met through online and become friends. She is also one of the silent reader of my blog for sometimes lol. We chit chat for an hour or so and before we go back, we have presents to give to each other (no, I donno she got gift for me - vice versa lol) I bought a keychain with diamonds around it and a lotus made of soap from Krabi :P. She on the other hand got certificate for me lololol! See the photo below ahaha. I have never received such a gift before ahhaa, very unique kan? lol.

Ok, now enjoy the photos!

Posting this for Nash! Go check it out yourself at The Gardens this weekend! Click to enlarge!

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