Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just came back from Mid Valley after meeting up with one of my friend. Right after that I went for a eyes-check up at one of the optical shop. My eyesight is not that bad affected just that I cant seems to identify far objects. It takes sometimes for me to see (from blurry vision to sharp), so better wear eyeglasses lar kan? :). After the eye check up, doctor told me the power figure needed (right eyes 0.25, left eyes is 0.50). Any one of you got same problem as me? My glasses will be ready next week Monday. Tried alot of glasses but love Emporio Armani design, quite unique(see below).

Anyone going to Urbanscapes this Saturday at KLPAC? I'am!! See ya if you're going too! :D

Ok, come back to normal post. Last month, as some of you already know, Happy did a prize giving ceremony for the Happy Moments contest at Isthmus KL, Mid Valley. I was one of the top 10 finalist. Met alot of bloggers + A lot of prizes was given away that night. Nigel won the best video post! Really really happy for him :D, RM5,000 ok dont play play lol!

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