Friday, July 8, 2011

What's Your Story?

Hi all,

I think most of you guys already know that I LOVE MY iPhone! There are tons of stuff I do with it everyday & I'm sure you too do the same. Erm but how many of us aware of the security risks when using our phones or computers?

I've created an example of my very own video to talk about how I use my mobile phone wisely + some tips to avoid security risks! Check it out yo!

You too can create your very own creative video and talk about your story. Not only that, grab a chance to WIN thousands of ringgit with IT! YUP! NO JOKE! :D

College Edition Prizes (12 in total)
1st Prize – RM1,000
2nd Prize – Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + Samsonite backpack
3rd Prize - Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + 4GB USB Flash Drive
Grand Final Prize (open to all)
1st Prize – RM5,000
2nd Prize – RM1,000
3rd Prize – RM500
*Winner or potential candidate may be engaged as short-term Micro Trend Advocate / Ambassador

Now, who's organizing the contest?! Trend Micro ( internet security company)

It's a very simple contest! All you have to do is :-
  • Go to
  • Submit a video of yourself. Choose any one of these topic (Being a good online citizen,Using a mobile phone wisely or Maintaining you privacy online
  • Make sure to end the video with  “This is my story, what’s yours?” script!
  • Get your friends to vote for your video till 8th August 2011.

To know more contest details, check out the flyer below!

Now's let's start now! Can't wait to see your creative videos people! :D