Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey Din Tai Fung, I got Toy Story to tell!

Hi all,

Just came back home from Pavilion after watching Toy Story 3 with Jenifer, Jason & Adrian. This is the best sequel! Love the story line. Again, it's about escaping from somewhere BUT you'll find it do I say.. well planned story line! I heard some adults cried while watching it too! Do let me know if you find it nice or other way around. Again, it's my 2 cent! IT'S DAMN NICE LOL!  I rate it 20/10 :D

Before that, had our dinner at Din Tai Fung, level 6, next to Wong Kok. Food was nice.. just that I dont really like the "cold chicken" :P. Have you been there? :D


  1. nice blog with nice pictures! :)

  2. gonna watch soon! dont spoil ok! ahaha

  3. I went there before. The food is quite delicious, especially the siew long bao.