Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow! espresSOUP!

Last week Sunday, I was invited by blup-blup for a free lunch @ espresSOUP together with a lots of bloggers. espresSOUP is famous for it's Farmer Bread, with esBites, esSalads and esPasta! It is also, Malaysia's 1st SOUP KIOSK! (since Nov 13, 2009). I personally like the mushroom soup + the clam soup (somemore got a lots of clams inside wan!! :D). Do drop by to taste farmer bread urself! U gonna love it! (see picture below).

PS: Oh! Do also order Oren Valencia, damn niceeee lol.

You can visit espresSOUP at these locations :
Berjaya Times Square. Level 2
K-02-01 & K-02-03A
No.1, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

2nd Outlet : espresSOUP exclusive @ MPH The Curve
3rd Outlet : espresSOUP @ Prima Avenue Cyberjaya
4th Outlet : espresSOUP @ Plaza Low Yat (opened on 16 May 2010)

Contacts :

Photos time now!


  1. woots. nice meeting you that day! :)

  2. Totally dissagree with you on this one. I ate at the Mid Valley branch for the first, and I will say the last time ever. The bread was stale! The soup tastes like it was canned. The bread used in the sandwich was really cheap tasting bread, and it cost RM15 bucks. I predict this franchise will go bust in 3 months!

  3. awesome pics, Rames.

    I don't think it's the "first soup kiosk", though. have you tried Zuup at the basement of 1U? (the link between old and new parts.)

    it's ok, no complaints, except I find the rich, creamy soups too heavy for my tongue ;P.

  4. hi nicktay,
    we do not hv outlet at mid valley....??
    June 1st, espresSOUP opened at The Gardens Mall...let me know if u re coming, soup on the house from me (

    Hi Alpha, Zuup is a restaurant, they hv full range of western food , fr appertiser, main course to desserts ..great food but sad they have closed down last Dec...
    espresSOUP is started as KIOSK, miniature with brand identity, with minimum seatings and target people on the move ...and you will find us in major high population shopping malls.

    Check out

  5. Soup is in the rage now. I've seen many similar shops set up around malls in the klang valley lately. Wonder which is the best? Haven't tried them all.

  6. I heard the bread is not nice. Is it?