Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adobe Influencer Program @ Italiannies, The Gardens

Hi all,

Just got back home from Italiannies, The Gardens. I was there to attend the Adobe Influencer Program together with some of the creative ppl from all sorts of field. Basically, this program offers the chance to engage in high-level and interesting dialogue with creative professionals and enthusiasts, enabling us to share our thoughts and feedback.

Adobe evagalist also introduced some of the cool features of the all new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5! I personally like the InDesign! Do you know, now you can create iPad apps by just using this software(NO CODES USED AT ALL!) No joke! I gonna give it a try soon hehe.

Do check out Adobe Facebook Community in Southeast Asia ( The page aims to help facilitate discussions among creative professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas, tips and inspire creativity :).

Thanks Jason & Text 100 for the invites.

Now, some shots to share!

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