Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vector Art : IronMan's Mask w/ Exclusive Before and After Viewer

Hi all,

Here's the final artwork of my vector illustration : 'IronMan's Mask'. Spent almost 6-7 hours just to get this done using Flash CS4. I found it a lil difficult to do compared to previous Mini Cooper vector. Probably cos more gradient + details. Now I feel like wanna do the whole suit. Should I? ahha.

Do check out the before and after viewer below for details.

PS: Added some glow effect on the eyes using Photoshop heh :)

TIPS : Slide the green bar to left and right to see the difference.

Any comments appreciated!


  1. arghhhhh!!!!! itulah expressi manusia kagum!

  2. Bro this is terrrrrific!

  3. Spikey>> Thanks :D
    Jepf>> Thanks
    Sudhar>> thanks :D

  4. Looks really good, but the eyes are too small...