Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ultimate Camwhoring on my last day | Part 1

Hi all,

As most of you already know, last week Friday was my last day @ Astro (Digital Five Sdn. Bhd.) I am now working at a new place as Creative-Head Digital since yesterday. After 7 years, I finally moved out from the comfort zone and decided to try whole new environment. A lots of memories back in Astro but yea, some things gotta change when the time comes :)

Ok la, here are some of my colleagues and I during my very last day. Love all :)

More photos tomorrow and the day after.

Ps: See the details below each of the photo.

Prashant (Product Manager)

Hidayah & Wada (Programmers)

From left : Krystal, Sharon & Furzanne (Content & Mobile team)

Lai See (the only female technician in the office!)

Sophie Lim (Mobile Content Manager)

Ellyna Ali & Roy (Chief Editor of & Content Manager)

Aisyah & Cindy Gan (Content & Product Manager)

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