Friday, August 5, 2011

Why am I using Flash to Vector + How to Vector (Video tutorial by me)

Hi all,

Lately some of you messaged me via Facebook & email, asking about my vector artwork. Everyone wanna know why am I using Flash to vector when there is tool just to do that easily with Illustrator/ Freehand. Well for me, it doesn't matter which tool we use to carve the statue, as long as the quality is there.. that's what matters the most.  There are few reasons why I love using Flash. First of all, I'm not a design student. Coming from totally different background (I'm a business student) I didn't really know which software works the best to do artwork.

Few years back, I like to do animation using flash, its easy to create shapes etc with Flash. I do most of the work there without opening other software's. Illustrator is there, but what if you wanna make your character move? How do you animate them? You need Flash. That's why I'm using it to settle my work (Of cos for photo touch up works, Photoshop is the right tool). Not sure many of you knows this but Flash works almost like Illustrator. You can import tons of different file formats (rendered/ vector) too i.e .ai, .eps, freehand, AutoCad, etc or even export them as illustrator or eps format. All you need to do is, utilize the software.

All right, now let's check out how I do vector using Flash. Specially made for you guys.

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