Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Magnificent Hong Kong 香港" - 20 hand-picked shots + 1 video!

Hi all,

As most of you already know, I went to Hong Kong for holiday with Jenifer and Junn. Even tho the trip was short (5 days) but the experience was simply SUPERB! We have been checking the weather condition in HK for the past few weeks via iPhone and it's showing rain + thunderstorm but 1 day before we took the flight, it was showing Sunny for upcoming days. Seriously, it's miracle! :D

First of all, MILLION OF THANKS to Pete Lang @ Furkidsinhk (check out his instagram photos here - He showed us a lots of historical places, made us eat YUMMY foods, brought us to places that not many have discovered before. Not only that, he also arranged instagram meetup called "hkinstayay" at MongKok, Hong Kong. We made new friends during the meetup too. OMG! Everyone was so friendly ok!! Even 1 day before coming back to Malaysia, he arranged an interview with one of the local radio station called "Citizen's Radio - 102.8 FM" to talk about our trip in HK and share with the listeners on some of the places that HK people should visit here in Malaysia. You guys can listen to the podcast here (Make sure u guys listen ok!! :D). The interesting part is, the whole interview was conducted in Cantonese and I managed to understand it and replied back in english :D ahah. I also would like to thank these bunch of WONDERFUL people who traveled with us during the trip :D » Ming Hui, Pang Lap, Yvonne, Bonnie, Justin, Tyson, Angus, Alicia, Xenaboo and other amazing #hkinstayay gang!! Love you all and I will surely come back and visit you guys!! I promised.

Here are some shots to share. Total of 20 photo + 1 video!. I've NEVER posted so much photos in 1 post. Now, I have to because I wanna show you all how amazing HONG KONG is! :D. Details info of each places we've visited will be up in 2 days time. Be sure to check it out!

Now enjoy the photos. All the shots was taken with Sigma 10-20mm on Nikon D90.

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