Monday, March 5, 2012

It's My Birthday! + Brand New Blog Header Design "The X-plorer " Launched! #fb

Hello Everyone!

Woot! It's my birthday today! Ahahah. Time flies, goshhhh :P. Anyways, like every year on the month of March, I've designed brand new blog header design. This time the theme is "The X-plorer" :) It's about me discovering/ adventuring into stuff that excites me. Would love to hear your comments on the blog headers.

Last but not least, thanks for visiting my blog everyday just to see what's new from my end. As you noticed, lately there is no much updates. That's because, I'm currently busy with some projects and the deadlines are pretty tight. No worries, I'll be updating more often like before, so stay tuned.

Here you go! Presenting to you my brand new blog header design for this year, 2012! Oh do grab the goggles and wear it before jumping in to the sea :D.

PS: For those of you who guessed the theme of my blog header based on the stockphotos posted on my blog and facebook, thank you so much for taking your time to comment :D. Some of the guesses are "Ghost Rider surfing on the sea", "Pirates of the carribean" etc ahah.

PSS : There will be no more shoutbox from this revamped onwards. It's hard to track and reply for each comment. So, do use the fb comment box if you have any questions. Thanks!


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