Monday, September 24, 2012

My Nikon D600 Features Photoshoot & Samples Photos

Hi all,

After 4 years of using D90, I've at finally upgraded my dSLR to Nikon D600 Fullframe. Feels so good. I think I did the right move :). At first I wanted to upgrade to D7000 but I waited a lil longer just to see if there is any new model that I can upgrade too and coincidentally D600 launched on 13th September. Reviews was pretty good. Not to mention the price was low compared to D800 and other Nikon's fullframe dSLR.

I went to Berjaya Times Square a week ago just to check out the camera. Pretty slick! If you're not an fullframe dSLR user, you can really see the difference! Really OMG lol. Today, I purchased with kit lens that comes with it, which is 24-85 mm 3.5-4.5 VR lens. 50mm f1.8D is pretty good too! I'll get it after sometime :). Oh! You'll be amazed when you shoot on high iso settings with D600. You can barely see the noise *magic!* Another reason I wanted to get this dSLR is because of the 1080p HD recording (eyeing on glidecam too hehe)

I'm planning to shoot portrait and night shots with D600. Will keep you all posted.

Here are some of the shots taken around KLCC. More soon :)

PS: I'm planning to sell my Nikon D90 (with kit lens 18-105mm VR) + other 2 of my fav DX lenses (Sigma 10-20mm & Tamron 17-35mm f2.8D). If you're interested, do drop me an email - ramesstudios[at]

Some shots taken with Nikon D600 Full Frame!

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