Thursday, April 8, 2010

iTalkWhoa! Party!! #italkwhoa


Hi all! Just came back home from iTalkWhoa Party at Borneo Rainforest, Sunway. Now, if you dont know what is iTalkWhoa all about, check out one of my earlier post! Met damn a lot of bloggers! There was Q&A session, games as well as special appearance by Bunkface!! Thanks a lot TM for inviting us! Love the event! Now photos time! *A LOTS of PHOTOS lol*


  1. I look so green eh! Wait I wore green shirt. How come simon look like going out for market shopping geh? lol!

    Bro simon, don't marah ya! :P

  2. Hey I saw myself! =) Nice seeing you Rames! In case you wonder who I am... Hmm, I'm that a**hole who renamed Bunkface. :D

  3. yabai.. i smiled like a donkey..