Saturday, April 24, 2010

My New iMac 27"

Hey all,

One of the unforgettable day for me lol! At last after 10 years of using PC at home, finally I switched to Apple ahah! What can I say? Just love it! Still can't believe I've actually BOUGHT IT! :)

Just 1 photo for now ya, more photos tomorrow + details of my new iMac (coz busy installing softwares now :D)

PS: Thanks for all those commented through twitter and facebook hehe! + Thanks Jenifer for temaning me go buy :D


  1. Tengok Muka senyum~ hahahahaa
    Nais one! i also want! but that will be like you lor~ 10 years from now~

    I aiming MBP now~

  2. There is no iMac in the box ayte? Coz it is damn heavy..

    I got it last week at RM4.8k (display unit) but Core2Duo only.. but who cares, this iMac 27" is FTW!

  3. You are carrying empty box, lol. I know how you feel man.... I'm using same thing :D KESYOKAN MAKSIMUM 100%

  4. farrrkkkkkk...its farking 27inch la...damn it...congrats dude!!!

  5. I wan one but dun know how to use Mac. :P

    Yeah! I'm from stoneage. hhahah!

  6. you'll never look back trust me ;)

  7. This recall back my memory when I got my iMac 2 years ago. Totally unbelievable. Hahaha...


  8. justin> happy ma haha
    izuddin>> Wow really? not bad wor the price!
    ahbing>> hahaha :D
    vick>> lol thanks man
    ewin>> ahaha ya
    josh>> lolol
    dade>> haah :)
    dennis>> :D
    syam>> thanks man