Friday, April 2, 2010

Yo! Check out iTalk WHOA!

Yo! Let's see, I'm sure you've heard LOL! LMAO! etc before, but have to heard about  WHOA? aahha. Guess what, its the new site launched by iTalk recently!
Ok, basically its all-in-on site for messaging & collaboration systems. All you have to do is sync your social networking sites here, get connected and WHOA!  You can now manage all that here in this page! No joke lol! :D . Hmm actually there is more :D, you can also setup ur yahoo, gmail mail account, calendar, voice call and even Push eMail (my favorite! :D) Why dont you give it a try.

Donno how to get started? ahah chill!. Simply click here : to access the site! Anyway, I've just done register! Woot!

Very straight forward registration form!

You'll get to see this screen once you've successfully done registration. Now, quickly click on the link from the email you will receive as soon as you done registering!

Woot! You're ready to WHOA! :)

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