Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bali Finale : I'Ve Got a Interesting Story to Tell!

Hi all,

After 26 of different parts of my bali post, finally it ends here. This finale blog post is kind of special to me and all my LOL gang.

Before I tell the story, just to let you all know that photos below was taken after midnight! I repeat MIDNIGHT!! :D .

Here's the story. Actually we didn't know that beach is very near to our hotel till the last day (in the morning we departed to Kuala Lumpur). We walked around the place just for fun and noticed that it's F***** near the hotel ahha. Thank god we all got our dslr with us. We then, start walking left and right, play with sand even tho it was very dark that time. While others busy lepaking around, I took my dslr and did a experiment (yes again ahah). I took a brick. Set my dslr to slow shutter around erm 25 seconds and put it on the brick. After done processing... I took the dslr and viewed the photo taken via the LCD screen. I saw the #1 attempt photo (see below). I was totally shocked!! Now I can clearly see  SKY + CLOUDS + STARS!!! (but it was damn dark and I don't see a THING!) It's like 12.30PM lol!! I ran as fast as I can towards the rest and showed them the photo taken. All of them looked kind of blur! hahaa. I asked them all to pose + not to move for 25 seconds to see the same results with their own eyes ahha. Right after 25 seconds... we managed to took #2 attempt & other attempts comes after that. SERIOUSLY! these photos are very very valuable & special to me! :). Always play with your dslr! Who knows probably you'll get something that you didn't even expect! :D.

That's my story ahah. Just wanna share lar. Okies, enjoy the photos! Check out photo #4!! I manage to get the MOON, that looks like SUN ahaha :D



  1. walau..!! The pics damn nice wei! I wanna take a pic like thaaat

  2. bro, there's actually a way in which you need not pose still frozen for 25 secs !

  3. wow !! power sial !! really 12am ?..damn nice ei..