Friday, August 6, 2010

WIN FREE movie tickets to "The Expendables"!

Are you ready to win yourself 2 FREE movie tickets to The Expendables?

DAMN EASY! Just tell me who's your FAVORITE actor in this film and why. Top 10 most creative commentors will walk away with 2 FREE movie tickets to The Expendables Premiere on 12th August @ The Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve at 9.30pm.

You get to watch it 1 day before it's released worldwide. Woot.

Contest will be closed on Sunday @ 10pm & Winner's will be announced on Monday @ 10pm on my blog. 
Come! Let's see how creative you can be! :D
(Please leave your email address after your comments, so that I can contact you!)


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger cause he is the Governor of California~ LOL

  2. Sylvester Stallone, because he's the MAN! And because he acted in Rambo :D AWESOME!

  3. My favorite actor in this film would be
    Steve Austin!
    Because I would like to see how he uses his wrestling skill in this movie!
    How about a multiple stomp to kick all the enemy's ass off!
    and hopefully his action will "expand" my braveness in the cinema to watch all this action movie!

  4. my favorite actor in expendables is jet li because he's the only Asian and he thinks that the other mates are always making fun of him, he acted so cool but funny at times... :) i just wanna see some of his chinese kungfu kicking some ass! :D

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  6. Jason Statham of cause! He's a well trained in Mixed Martial Arts and is an expert in Kickboxing. And i've been watching all his movies all these while and all ended up with high ratings! Trust me, his stunts are not FAKE!

    Serious, Im looking forward to this. Can't wait to see all the legendary action cast acting in 1 movie. :)

  7. Dear Jet Li,
    You promised to buy me a jet ski
    But instead you buy me fly lice
    Then u say u don't love me twice
    Then u say you so busy
    Go act in expendable movie
    Why no time for me??
    But no worry
    You still my favourite
    Better then Chun Li
    My love for you no expendable
    only expandable.. muaks, your fan and only man

  8. My favorite actor is Steve Austin!

    After long time he "missing" from entertainment world.. err i mean WWF, I think this is the time he have to make a comeback and yes... I miss his wrestling skill.

    A lot of awesome actor under one roof! woot woot

  9. JET LI!! The latest of movie of him i've watched is Huo Yuan Jia but he died in the end! Somehow,i miss him on screen again and his kungfu had left a deep impression on me and i wish to see him fighting again as he's a master at close-quarter combat in The Expendables! most importantly,he involved himself in holywood movie and made asian proud!

  10. Arnold. N one can act like him. period.

  11. stallone of course! coz he's chuck norris's shadow! :)

  12. I wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin does his Stone Cold Stunner in the movie lol!

  13. Stallone. Its action, thriller, stunner as usual no words to say that no one can be rock as him! A star always in our heart. Legendary, starts from bottom till top of the world. lolx

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