Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introducing Piolo. It's small + light. (7 photos) @thepiolodotcom


Hi all! Hope you all had a great day :). Today, I gonna share with you all on something new that got me excited! ahah. It's very tiny, small, light, colorful & has a name too! It's called "Piolo".

What can it do? ahah. Simple! It helps your iPhone 4 to 'stand' :). Yup, with this you can actually watch movies, see photos, chat with your buddies via factime or even read online magazine without even holding it. It works perfectly for both horizontal and vertical mode of your iPhone 4. Easy to carry (only weight 3.1 grams!) and bring everywhere you go :D.

Choose any color you like (comes in 6 different colors). Perfect as gift or personal use. Last but not least, it cost only £4.00 (That’s appoximately $6 USD and €5 EURO.)

For more info, visit their website :

Here are some photos taken with my D90 for you to see! I like this AMAZING tiny little thing! Woot!