Friday, June 24, 2011

My Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet @wacom

Hi all,

From today onwards, I have my Bamboo Pen to help me with my artwork/ manipulation. Do you know, all this while I've been using Magic Mouse?. With Bamboo Pen, I find it pretty useful when it comes to do illustration + cutting out the photos from the background. Its fast and no lagging at all. You just need to connect it to your Mac or PC via USB and walla! You're done!.

Bamboo pen is a great way to work on your computer. The cordless, battery-free pen gives you an intuitive way to express yourself when navigating, drawing, painting, editing photos, and writing. It can be used for all the softwares + it's works just like your mouse :). 

The tablet itself is a 8.5mm thick black rectangle measuring 248mm by 176mm with rounded corners at one end and a flat edge at the other holding the USB cable. The size is just prefect too, as it fits in just fin in my bag and I can use it in the field with no problems.

So is the Bamboo Pen a good choice? I'll say yes it is. If you're looking for reasonable price tablet & do a lot a retouching or image editing, then go and buy one, you won’t be disappointed. 

For more info :

Here's some shots of my Bamboo Pen +  video (from Wacom) to share with you all.

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