Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making Of : "What Am I Made Of" (Stock Photos + Time Lapse Video)

Hi all,

Here's the stock photos used to create "What Am I Made Of". Seriously I didn't expect so much love from you all. Thanks for the comments and likes. Basically, you need elements to support your main subject. I got some of the elements, like the 3D from digital artist magazine's CD which I bought few months ago. Usually these kind of elements is included in the CD content. Brushes are very important too! For example, can you see my shoulder part where there is small little tiny elements flying away, those are actually birds  (see brush below). Firstly, I erased my shoulder using the "clouds" brush, then later on added the birds as if parts of my body being destroyed. Same goes for the milk. How did I got it black? Easy, just need to inverted it and play with levels in photoshop to get clear white background and then blend on to the main subject using the "blending mode" in the layer. Use back the same process above every time you add a elements. Don't see brush as "brush". Utilize it and you'll be surprised how your artwork will turn into at the final stage :D

Do checkout the video below the stockphotos on how I placed those elements to form the whole artwork.

Let me know if you have any question in the comments below, will get back to you :)

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