Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Krabi Finale

Just came back from Isthmus, Mid Valley. I was there to attend Happy.com.my's Happy Moment contest prize giving ceremony. Still remember my Happy Moment post few months back? aahhaa Yes. You guys can view the top 10 finalist here - http://happy.com.my/happymoments/happymoments_view.aspx?top=B . Congrats to the winners! :) I manage get into the top 10! Thanks all hehe! but didnt get to win anything lol (Oh got 1, for the quiz, Gillette Shaving Cream ahhaa). I was happy that I met some of the Happy staff (really cool people!). Jenifer was with me (I can invite only one person, since she is working near by KL Sentral, so I called her up). More photos soon!

Now! Krabi Finale! Byeeeeeeeeee Krabiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

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