Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Krabi Island - Part 4

Just came back home from watching Narnia : Prince of Caspian. Thanks to Jason for the ticket. Ermm... not bad, nice movie. Before watching that movie, I got alot of bad reviews from my friends lol.. some said, dont watch! Not nice! ahhaha but then I think its not that bad. My rating for this movie is : 5/10

Ok lar! Time to continue with my Krabi post :). So yea! We all arrived at the canoeing place.. the guy in charge asked us to wear the life jacket etc before we proceed. Me and Jen in one boat, Cherrie and Brandon, Jed and Manyee, Selina and Winnie. We all damn excited lor, coz its our first canoeing, abit scared oso ahaha. We went around one island... woah, total of 4km.. of kayaking but then felt like forever :P. Oh! and Im so lucky! Erm should I say lucky? Why? Coz I saw Jelly Fish (for a very first time) passing by my boat! I was speechless! Scared too! Quickly took my D50 and snapped it! More photos tomo!

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  1. The Picture All Very Nice And u are the Good Dsigner ! Keep in touch always bro !