Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Krabi Island - Part 1

zJust came back from Marie Digby's showcase at 1U. Alot of people my god, but too bad, didnt get chance to take closer shot of her *sigh*. Will post about this soon :)

Anyways, since some of you want me to post Krabi Island trip (especially GoDBleSz & Jing-leBell lol) I gonna post the part 1 now! hehe!

As you all know, a week ago (4th-7th May) myself and some of my usual friends fly to Krabi Island, Thailand for vacation. We gathered at KL Sentral around 8.30am, had our McD for breakfast then from there took the Bus to LCCT. The journey was about 1 hour. Once reach we waited for an hour before we can check it. Once check in! Guess what happened! LMAO!!!!!!!!!! We got in, sit and looking through the food catalogue etc. Then, the plane took off. Imagine! after 15 min!!!!!!!!! The pilot said this "Ermm hi people, we encountered some problem with this plane, so we need to go back to LCCT"

We all got shocked! It was like WTF!!! LOL! So that means we not gonna go krabi is it??? LOL! ALot of thoughts! I even shouted "Hello!! Please! I havent get married yet! I dowan die now!" LOL! All laughed hhhahaa! Once landed back in LCCT, we waited another 3 hours! i repeat 3 hours before we can take another plane and head to Krabi. LOL!!!

Ok lar enough talk, here's the part 1 of my Krabi Island Trip! :)

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