Monday, May 19, 2008

Taman Pertanian with Krabi Part 3

Woah! It was a good day! Woke up early in the morning, met up with the usuals at Bukit Jalil, LRT. Then to MCD for breakfast, from there to our destination : Taman Pertanian Shah Alam! We cycled like 3 hours, stopped in between the parks to take photos and alot more! Here are some of the shots.

Ok! Part 3 of Krabi trip. That night after dinner (remember all the vege and seafood meals lol) We went for MASSAGE! It's my very first Massage! LOL! Damn niceeee! It costs only 300 Baht (RM30) Cheap right! Ahaha. Had fun massaging, I'm the only one who made alot of noise during the massage, all the ladies giggling non-stop! Geli ok sometimes (Eh people! Dont think something else lol) . The next day we woke up early, around 7.30am and get ready for our first outdoor activity "Canoeing"!

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