Saturday, January 8, 2011

Galactic Laser w/ Advertlets Bloggers! (12 photos!) #GalacticLaser

Hi all!

I had so much fun with Adverlets Bloggers today! We were at Galactic Laser, Mid Valley to check out the laser game! Woot! Love it. It was AWESOME!! I'm sure some of you played Paintball before, it's kinda the same but more hi-tech where we shoot the target with laser gun. Once you get shot, the suit will be disabled for 7 seconds and will be re-activated back after that ahaha.

We were separated into 4 groups. Each group got like 7-8 of them. Our team, ALPHA WON the final battle ahah. Phewwwwwww!!! Right after that, we went to Cosmic Bowling. Spent like 3-4 hours here with some of the advertlets bloggers. WOW! What a amazing day! :D

Here are some shots to share! More soon! :)

PS: Thanks Azrin for the SALUTE GROUP SHOT AHAHHA! :)

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