Monday, January 3, 2011

Trip To Langkawi w/ Friends - Part 4 » I almost got killed!

On the next day, we went for island hoping + swim @ the beach. Weather was so cold can DIE!! but we had so much fun ahha. On this island got damn a lots of monkeys! Do you know I almost got killed cos of them? :P Really.

Well, the story goes like this... I came down from the boat and waited for the rest to come down. Junn asked me if I can help him hold the junk foods. I said yes. Later on, there was this huge monkey came towards me, tried to grab the junk food! Everyone was panic but not me lol. I was trying to avoid him by walking a lil bit fast, but the monkey manage to poke a hole on the plastic and half of the stuff in it started to drop one by one! My initial idea was to throw it to the sea so that it wont be able to get it. While I was walking, one of the boat came towards me (I didn't see it coming cos I was facing the opposite side -_-" + the boatman thought I know the boat is coming towards me! Sweat!!). This is the moment I thought SOMETHING gonna happen! I turn back to see why is everyone shouting "go awayy!!!" As soon as I turn, the front part of the boat, hit my chin and I fell on the sand + started to crawl upwards cos the below part of the boat is nearing to my *ahem* ahhaaa. I really really thought, That's it! IM GOING TO DIE LOLOL! but but!! I manage to crawl damn fast + the boatman manage to slow down the boat as fast as he can. PHEW!!!!!! EVEYRONE WAS LIKE "omg omg omg~~~!!! RAMESSSSS!! U ALIVE! OUR HERO! U SAVED OUR JUNK FOOD". I was like "WHAT THE ..........." AHHAHAA. There were some tourist too ran towards me asking if I'm ok and checked my chin (if got any scars) AMAZINGLY NOTHING AT ALL!!WOW! I thought my skin GOT pealed cos the front part of the boat is made of wood but no whatsoever marks! Thank god! else my parents gonna kill and burry me alive lol! So yea! According to my friends I was HERO of the trip for saving their foods ahahaa. Phew!!!

Anyways, after that we all went back to our hotel, changed and headed to Red Tomato Cafe for lunch! :) What we ate? check back tomorrow! :)


  1. Is this the longest paragraph u hv written in ur blog, Rames?



  2. thank god ur alive! phew.......agree with @tulipspeak,seems a long entry..normally its all full with pictures ^_^