Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preview Shots : Thaipusam 2011 Photoshoot

Hi all,

As all of you already know, it's Thaipusam today. I was there with family for prayers and took some shots like every year la ahha. Weather was extremely hot! Now's that good, cos photographers can take nice clear shots :). Here are some preview shots to share. More after pending post.

PS: Btw, check out the pigeon's photo. Did you notice that there is actually a green color pigeon?! lol. At first I thought it's from the other spices of bird but its NOT! It's GREEN COLOR PIGEON! WHOA!


  1. How come become green ah? Hulk Pigeon? lol!

  2. Lol I was wondering abt the green one too!

    Oh and we have one shot similar, taken at diff times. =P