Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's My Birthday! + Brand New Blog Header Design "UNBEATABLE" Launched! #fb

Hello Everyone,

It's 5th March & I'm officially 31 from today onwards ahaha. WOW! Time flies really FAST but I still look young lolol!

Would like to take this opportunity to say THANKS A LOT from bottom of my heart for visiting my blog everyday, just to see what's new from me :D. All your feedback and comments has been like TONIC for me to do something new each time. Hope my photos and manipulation artwork inspired you guys in some ways ahahh.  Thank you so much once again and do keep on visiting. Can't wait to share more stuff with you all in coming months.

Oh! Hope you all like my brand new header design called "UNBEATABLE". Got this idea while I was watching TV and my bro keeps on asking me to lower down the volume cos he was busy playing some games on his PSP. That moment, that second, the idea strikes my head and I quickly run up to my room and start sketching the initial idea. It took me almost 1 week to came up with the sketch and 1 month to actually edit the header. Those teasers I've been posting for the past few weeks are actually important element on my new blog header. I got a lots of different feedback and comments from friends ahaha. Some of their guesses was really funny lol.

For your information it's best viewed with 1600x1200 screen resolution or higher.

That's all! :D

Cheers & God Bless each and everyone of YOU!


  1. happy birthday.. gud job too.. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! U not looks like 31 haha

  3. Bro, ur new blog header is superbbbb. Learn alot tru ur blog bro, looking forward for more great masterpiece work from u bro... =D

  4. hai rames ....happy birthday 2u...may god bless u.
    amazing blog header....keep it up

  5. Superb love your new header..

    as cool as the owner of this blog ;)

    Happy Birthday Rames ;)

  6. woohhhooooo awesomeness new blog theme!!!! btw, Happy RamesDay, have a blast!!!

  7. Happy birthday!!! Nice header! High quality and love all the details in the ship, fire and the missles.

    But I bet you must be damn tired to fly in the half-squad position. My wakeboarding experience tells me that. Hahaha...

  8. Just saw your new design =D
    Is that MAS/AirAsia firing out air missiles ?? haha.
    I like you on the Oreo shape UFO =)

  9. arun>> thanks man

    vic>> thanks vic

    mohan>> thanks moan

    ahlost>> thanks rose

    cyrusdavirus>> thanks man

    dennis>> ahahha u do wakeboarding? awesome! :D

    tian>> ahha thanks, wtf orea ahha

  10. Happy 31st and many more! Your new headeris great, but your birthday announcement is the coolest. Nice use of colour and grayscale, great job! Keep it up.