Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photos from my Photography Career Talk + RS Photography Site Launched!

Hi all!

Hope you all had wonderful weekend! :D

My career talk went well today @ Education Fair, Mid Valley. Awesome crowd! Asked me a lots of good questions ahha. It was great seeing you guys! I've shared as much as I can, hope its benefical to you all ya :D
Thanks all for coming!
Here are some shots taken during the talk :) and my new brand new PHOTOGRAPHY SITE LAUNCHED! Click on the graphic below to visit the site NOW. It'll be updated from time to time :)


  1. boss your photography website so geng!!!!
    Can do one for me :D LoL

  2. Good Job!! Nice Looking and i hope successful in your life .

  3. congrats good job all the best Rames

  4. Thanks for the share your personal story I really love this post and i think you are great.

  5. Thanks for the posting you are great job for the visitors.

  6. Justin>> lol thanks!
    Hotel in brugge>> Thank you! :D
    tia>> thanks tia!
    travel>> thanks :)