Friday, June 9, 2006

KLPac | The Fastest Clock In The Universe (Part I)

Yesterday, I was invited by Jennifer & smashpOp to join them watch a Play at Sentul Park, KLPac. Joining us was K.S. It was my very first play lol, so abit jakun also you see(but I cover lar hahaha)."The Fastest Clock In The Universe", that's what the play all about. Wanna know more about it, click: here

I manage to snap some while waiting for the show to begin.

The play finished at 10.30pm. Before we went out to take pic (Pictures taken outside the KLPac, I will post tomorrow ok!)We manage to stop Joanna Bassey and take picture together with her :).

Alrightey! Wait for tomorrow post on KLPac | The Fastest Clock In The Universe (Part II)

1 comment:

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