Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dinner @ Vivo Pizza + Fair Game + 5 More Days!!!

Hi all,

Just came back home from The Curve. I was there for dinner w/ Jennifer, Chandler Kwek & Victor. Grace and Nadia joined us later on. After that, we went and watched Fair Game. One of the awesome movie this year. It's all about the political issues between America and Iraq + how CIA officer Valerie Plame (acted by Naomi Watts) gets involved in this matter. Must watch!!! I rate it 9/10!

Here are some shots to share :)


  1. This ight not be a good movie for some who doesn't like to understand the slow talking and few jumping plots. Anyway, Naomi Watts and Sean Penn did a good job. Overall, it is a good movie for corporates people.

  2. Agree but not only for corporate people. It's for those into politics at any age. Even 15 year old with the interest to politics might like it :)