Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Career Talk @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Hi all,

The career talk went well! :) Thanks all for coming. I tried really hard to share all I have in mind within 1 hour phewwwwww!! Well I did it. It was great to see my friends who came over to listened to the talk. Appreciate that (you know who you are!)

Some of the parents came and see me too. They said, it was totally inspiring and asking me to advice their kids to follow my path. That moment was just...WOW!.

Here are some shots taken today. Last but not least! Thanks everyone for coming! Those who can't make it but wished thru sms-ed and whatsapp me! Thank you. Keep on designing!! :)

PS : 3 of my artwork that was shown today during the talk will be up tomorrow (20 - 22 Dec) Stay Tuned!


  1. Appreciate that (you know who you are!) <-- that SOMEONE?

  2. Hey Ramesh, enjoyed the talk. As I wrote in my blog entry - the entry about you will appear later - things have certainly came full circle. Back in 1990 when I was looking to chart my career path, 70% of the exhibits at such fairs were on computer science or related courses. Today, 70% was on Medicine. The problem about Medicine is, not everybody is cut out to do Medicine, and the public perception is Medicine is the only path if you're smart.

    I went through that route, being a Doctor is the easy part, but being a good Doctor is a different thing all together. I did most of my real medical education after I got my degree. The journey does not stop there, and even after being a specialist, I still have plenty to learn. People do not realise that. And the sad thing was, the process of learning should not stop after attaining a degree.

    The main take home point I took from your talk was not your skill at doing the thing you do, but the approach and the attitude behind it. You still admit that you are still learning and is still trying to 'get there'. That is so refreshing to hear. That was what I called inspirational! If only that can be bottled and sold! Continue to have fun man! Take care!

  3. Ammu>> I mean everyone la LOL

    Haris>> WOW!! Thank you so much for the comment. A Doctor to comment like that is a BIG thing for me. Appreciate that Haris! Thanks!

  4. cool artwork rames..nyaris2 xdapat masuk that day..anyway enjoyed da talk~